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     Choose Your Caregiver

You should be comfortable with the people who come into your home

Royal Home Care gives you the opportunity to interview our employees so that you can choose the right caregiver for you or your loved one.  

We can also hire and train your personal friend or family member to be your caregiver.  Whatever the case, you can rest assured that Royal Home Care will make certain that you receive the best care from a professional that is a good fit for your home situation.

Royal Home Care takes pride in the professional qualifications and temperament of our staff.  Our professionals are highly trained, carefully screened, and closely supervised to deliver the highest level of personal care at an affordable price.


     Payment For Services

As a Medicaid waiver and VA enrolled provider of services, our rates are determined by that publicly funded program in a direct purchase of service agreement. The schedule of services would typically be worked out by their internal case manager and we work based upon those arrangements. Contact us for more information.

Our private pay services are billed hourly at $23.50 per hour. In some cases, especially for 24-hour coverage in your private home, we can bill at a daily rate. Weekend and holiday coverage are the highest billed periods.

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